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XLPD in Cluster

Marco Vlaanderen
posted this on July 25, 2011, 12:34

Voor gebruikers van SAP is het mogelijk om gebruik te maken van XLPD printing. Deze feature installeer je extra via de Equitrac installer.

Belangrijk is het open zetten van de TCP poort: 515.

Binnen een cluster kan je hem als extra resource installeeren (zie screenshot). Dit is werken getest bij het AMC.




Question ( External )


With Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, how do you enable Eqxlpd to run in a

cluster environment?


Answer ( External )


The Eqxlpd service is set up in the cluster administrator as a generic service

resource.  It requires one External Data Connector license per cluster.

The Eqxlpd.cfg file has a printer mapping that maps an alias printer to the cluster printer; the alias does not exist as a real queue. EQXLPD picks up the print job and looks up the mapping to send the job to the real printer.


To enable Eqxlpd, perform the following steps:


1.     Open the Eqxlpd.cfg file in as text editor.

2.     Locate the [Printers] section and add the following line:


AliasPrinter = \\Virtualserver1\printer1


Where:    AliasPrinter = the name of the alias printer to be mapped

                        Virtualserver1 = the virtual IP address or host name of the print spooler resource group in which the printer is shared

                                            Printer1 = the name of the shared printer


3.     Save and close the file.


To test the mapping, perform the following steps on the Linux server:


1.     Create a file named Print.txt.

2.     At a Command prompt, execute the following command:


LPR -S Virtualserver1 -P AliasPrinter print.txt


3.     If the document prints, the mapping is correct.


NOTE: Ensure that the Eqxlpd.cfg file is identical on both nodes in the cluster